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About us Hindu Centre

The Hindu Centre is an independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to the spiritual progress of Hindus in Singapore through education (Jnana), devotion (Bhakti) and service (Seva). It is the Centre’s belief that head, heart and hand must be harmonized for spiritual progress to take place. In view of this, Hindu Centre’s programmes and activities are organized and conducted for the purpose of enabling members to learn and become more informed about the basic philosophies and tenets of the Hindu faith, deepening and intensifying their sadhana or spiritual practice, while at the same time creating opportunities to engage in seva or service.

Our Programmes

  •  Jnana::Knowledge programmes
  •  Bhakti: Devotion programmes
  •  Seva::Service programmes
The Centre’s vision is to become an institution of authority on Hinduism, and through exemplary management and track record, a focal organization for all Hindus in Singapore. The Centre aspires to realize this vision by transforming the Centre into a major institution of teaching on Hinduism in the region; by creating a strong core of devotional activities with a good outreach of attendees; and through strong and sustainable seva initiatives. The Centre hopes to strengthen the induction and management of youth volunteers by creating a greater sense of ownership and engagement at different levels in the management of these programs.