The Hindu Centre programmes focuses on three Pillars:

  1. Jnana: Knowledge of how one can fulfill one's duties and live a complete life while accumulating Artha (wealth) and Kama (pleasures) with Dharma (universal order, righteousness, values, duties) as its base and foundation. Spiritual pursuits are obtained through a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  2. Bhakti: Devotion to God is one of the highest devotion in life. One can worship God through prayers, puja, bhajans, japa, chanting of shlokas, meditation and yoga amongst many others.

  3. Seva: Service to any being is equal to service to God. Seva can be done through praying for others, doing community work, helping the elderly, helping offenders through the prison counselling programme or through the aftercare programme, through donations and even by helping to educate others.