Mitra Programme - A seva programme for youth and adult offenders Learn More - Mitra


The objectives of the Mitra programme are for trained Hindu Centre volunteers to act as friends to offenders to:

  1. share the teachings of Hinduism, its ethical values and spiritual practices to change thinking and behaviour of youth and adult offenders( the Mitras) to support their rehabilitation and address reoffending;   

  2. promote the strengthening of family ties and bonds between offenders (Mitras)  and their loved ones during incarceration and after release; and   

  3. befriend and provide aftercare support to Mitras post release.   

Watch a Youtube video on the Hindu Centre Mitra programme

Bandhu - A seva program for the Aged Learn More - Bandhu


The objective of this programme is for trained volunteers to visit Hindu residents on a weekly basis at Aged homes to befriend them and provide spiritual comfort.